Share These Specials to Win RM100 (x9 winners)!

Hello everyone! Again and again, we've got more special things for you this time around!

SAYS is giving away RM100 BONUS to 9 winners!

Who Can Win?

Any eligible SAYS member* who have shared these THREE campaigns (3 winners for each campaign):
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1) Darlie's Smile -
2) Tune Talk's CUN Plan -
3) Libresse Barometer -
*Note: These campaigns might not be available to everyone.

Giveaway Deadline

  • This Bonus will end on 2nd December 2012 (Sunday), 11.59 p.m.
  • Winners will only be chosen after all the campaigns end (Any user who violate our Terms & Conditions will be automatically disqualified).

How to Win? Simple!

  1. Make sure you are a SAYS member.
  2. Simply share the campaign above with your friends!
  3. 9 lucky campaign sharers (3 winners per campaign) will win RM100 Bonus each!
  4. Winners will be announced here on the SAYS blog.
It's so easy even my mother can give it a go! The tip is, the more you share, the higher chances it is for you to win. ANY ELIGIBLE SAYS member who shares this campaign will have a chance to win (even if you have shared this campaign before this). So keep sharing this campaign with your friends!
Here are the campaign links again!
1) Darlie's Smile -
2) Tune Talk's CUN Plan
3) Libresse Barometer

Congratulations Winners!!


RM100 will be credited to all winners' SAYS accounts by 14 December 2012 :D