The Return Of Share How You Share!

Share How You Share is back again!

Due to popular requests, we have decided to bring Share How You Share contest back again! This time we will be going with the Volkswagen Think Blu' special! Don't know what Share How You Share is about? Check out previous contest winners :)

Why did we choose this Special?

Because we think it’s the perfect special for you to make a little difference to the world by creatively sharing it with your friends!

Here are some interesting facts about this special to help you win :
  • Techniques to save energy indoor and outdoor
  • Fuel saving tips to reduce greenhouse gas
  • Ways to make the world a ‘Bluer’ place by just adjusting your habits
  • Many more little things you can do to make this world a better place!

What does good quality sharing mean?

Sharing messages with an interesting angle or idea that your family & friends can relate to or something that can grab their attention & spark curiosity! Flashback from previous winners :

Now let's put your skills to good use!

How do I participate?


Go to the Volkswagon Special : Remember : It has to be this Special ONLY.
Before you share it, get to know the Special by visiting the Special’s website. Look around and consider how you would share it. Find an interesting angle or conversation to it!


Proceed to share the Special on your Facebook/Twitter by clicking on the 'Facebook Share' or Twitter button.  

When the Facebook share box pops up, fill in your personal message in the “What’s on your mind?” box as shown below. Think about how you want to share the special with your friends. Be creative and make it awesome because this is what is going to prompt your audience to click on your link!

Facebook example.

Twitter example.

Important : When sharing the recommendation, don’t forget to follow the SAYS Code Of Honour as any violation of it could cause account suspension.


Visit your Facebook profile. Look for the SAYS link that you have just shared and take a screenshot of that post. (Refer to photo of a screenshot below). How do you take a screenshot?

E-mail us your screenshot(s) to (Deadline : 11.59pm on 31st December 2012), with the subject : “Share How You Share” and include your :
  1. Full Name
  2. SAYS Username/email
  3. Phone Number


BEST 5 posts wins RM50 MPH Vouchers
Next BEST 5 posts wins RM50 Top Shop Vouchers
First 100 valid Facebook/Twitter screenshots will have RM1.00 credited into their SAYS account!

The key is to Be Creative. Be Unique.

For inspiration : Last year’s winner. All the best!!

Contest Terms & Conditions:
  1. Only screenshots from Facebook and Twitter are allowed.
  2. Unlimited entries are allowed.
  3. We only accept Malay and English language screenshots.
  4. Deadline : 11.59PM on 31 December 2012
  5. Refrain from posting customized messages with negative or controversial connotations towards an individual/company.
  6. Any entries that fail to follow the exact instructions above, OR those who go against the SAYS Code Of Honour will be automatically disqualified.