Share How You Share Winners!

We had quite a number of entries for our 3rd and 4th round of SHYS :)

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the key to Share How You Share is to be creative. And being creative doesn't necessarily mean long messages with advanced English/Malay, or promoting the Recommendation down to the specifics. It's about capturing the attention of your family and friends.

For example, when you're scrolling through your Facebook news feed, what type of posts would usually make you stop for more than 2-5 seconds at least?

Or even better, what type of post would make you want to click on whatever link they're sharing to find out what their talking about :)

Without further a due, let's start with the Volkswagen Share How You Share...

The 5 Winners of the MPH Vouchers are:

Ivan Chan Chen Hoong
Yap Lin See
Victoria Ngu Shiau Hui
Florence Francis Lothai
Lau Chun Jiun

The 5 Winners of the Topshop Vouchers are:

Leo Choe Shuang
Tan Soon Yong
Yoong Meng Keat
Helena Tan Sook Hoon
Mohd Nurhisham Abdullah
Each of their posts were interesting, but our personal favorite was...

Let's move on to the KFH Share How You Share.

The 3 Winners of the 4xSunway Lagoon Tickets are:

Mohd Hilal A Bakar

Christina Tiong Yuh Ling

Florence Francis Lothai

And our personal favorite was...

Congratulations to our winners! And for the rest who participated, well done! Hope you guys learned a thing or two about sharing Specials :)

*a note to all winners: 

Do send Yuna ( another email by the 13th of January with your:

  • Full name
  • Phone Number
  • Address