WINNERS : SAYS CNY 88 Ang Pao Giveaway

Gong Xi everyone! :)

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and the submission period for our CNY 88 Ang Pao Giveaway had finally been closed at 11.59pm last night (6th February 2013). Somebody's about to get an early ang pao, yo!


Just to recap, you guys were asked by Ah Hock the tiger & Om Nom to come up with a cool caption for the photo that the two of them had enthusiastically posed for (for reals! they dragged the props around all on their own!), and share it on your Facebook page :)

I've got to admit, the response was pretty overwhelming! Took our team quite a while to go through all of them, but what's for sure is, we had good laugh reading them, you guys are hilarious XD

We all know, it comes down to 3 winners :)

So without further a due, in no particular order, the winners for the RM88 Ang Pao are :
Lucky winner #1
Lucky winner #2

Lucky Winner #3

Congratulations!!! :D
RM88 has been credited into all 3 winners' SAYS accounts.

Lucky winner #3 has been reselected because the previous entry did not fulfill the criteria from the contest rules. We apologize for the misunderstanding.

Way to go guys! :D
Have an awesome Chinese New Year celebration. HUAT AH!